Put very simply we are a health and performance facility. So what makes us stand out from all the other gyms around?

Apart from the list of services provided below, we care. Any client who puts their trust in us to help them can rest assured knowing they will be provided with all the support necessary to succeed. From qualified coaches to a community of support, we hope to make your fitness journey one that you will enjoy and can sustain for life.


Attention to detail matters to us. Whether thats training, nutrition, prehab / rehab etc. we are very deliberate and precise in how we deliver our coaching methods to our members. Whether your a world class athlete or someone who hasn’t moved in 10 years, we will adjust for your needs and make sure we cover the smaller details that often get overlooked.

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This is our ultimate goal. Some people come from being completely sedentary so our goal is guiding them towards health. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some people chase peak performance but in return compromise their health. Therefore guiding them to peak performance but maintaining health is another goal of ours. This is why Health is at the forefront so people can understand achieving “HEALTH” is our ultimate goal while also catering for your individual goals.


Each of us are capable of performing to OUR personal best. Some think performance is for the select few and not for them. We want to banish that frame of thinking and show you that you too can perform at YOUR highest possible standard.

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A very welcoming and encouraging environment that will be sure to help you achieve your goals. We are very different than what you’d probably expect but that’s what keeps our members coming back every day. Instead of describing how good our facility is, why not drop in and check it out for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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We have a wide variety of serivces covering all your training needs.

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Personal Training

This is the 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 option we have available at our gym. This for those who prefer a small environment with a coach that has their best interests at heart and guides you to your goals.

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Online Coaching

This is your opportunity to work with our coaches outside the gym, we will complete a Skype call or similar in order to grasp your goals so we can develop a strategy to get you to your goals.

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Nutrition Coaching

This is where we get into the nitty gritty elements of performance and health. We devise the plan to suit your goals and guide you along the process, every program involves weekly check-ins with updates that follow.

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Physical Therapy

Dean Roche is our resident physiotherapist, no matter the issue big or small you can be sure you are in capable hands with Dean looking after you.

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Pay as you go

Exactly what it says on the tin, these are times you can use the gym and simply pay as you go. Handy for people who are on a busy schedule and can't make classes.

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Our Olympic weightlifting class handled by Danny. If you are interested in learning about lifts such as the snatch and clean and jerk, this is the class for you!

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So we are onto week three of our approach to rehabilitation (article coming soon) 🙌

This is the stage where we would plan the implementation of eccentric based activities.

The real question is why?

Well a muscle must be able to lengthen and shorten in order for it to function properly.

With that being said all the phases we mention are interlinked and can be combined but sequentially eccentrics follow low level or bodyweight isometrics.

Your eccentric strength capabilities are far higher than any other contractions roughly 30% higher and reseach has suggested that it can increase muscle mass by creating micro tears within muscle fibres.

Increasing muscle mass or tone during injury is important as a bigger muscle can become a more durable muscle or robust (when programmed effectively). Also, the two sensory receptors, golgi tendon organs and muscle spindles are less likely to inhibit eccentric exercise in comparison to concentric. Therefore you can increase neural capacities of muscles prior to concentric loading. 
All these combined build a strong case but again can be bastardised, micro-dosing eccentrics can serve well when you implement resistance based yielding isometrics.

Rehab should be client specific, a plan should be in place but with all plans they are subject to change.

Hope you liked our insight into eccentrics and why they fall so early in our continuum.

Tune in next week where we reveal more🙌

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Does your program make strong people stronger or does it only work on beginners?

Here's a 15kg pb, making it
 a 100kg hang snatch @81kg bw.

Ironically this was unplanned and during a metcon. He is also a weightlifter! 
This weightlifter is looking to add conditioning with strength currently and you can be assured we will still make progress 😉

Interested in seeing meaningful results? That aren't copied from a book, or the mirror the image of someone else?

Send us a DM👀

What way do you think about food? (Keep it clean people😏)
We have experienced this a lot when helping clients on their nutrition journeys. 
People label food in a specific way ultimately leading to a very unhealthy relationship with food😔. Can we just say that no food is "good" or "bad", and no food needs to be eliminated to help you reach your goals.
In our opinion, a more sustainable approach is viewing food as "more nutritious" or "less nutritious". By understanding this it allows you to still have that chocolate bar and stay consistent on your diet. 
We would even go as far as saying this a good thing for long-term sustainabilty👌.
So to wrap it up:

Eat "more nutritious" food most of the time and sprinkle in your favourite foods in moderation.

This will allow you enjoy the process along the way🙌.
Did you find this helpful? Do you agree / disagree? Comment below👇.
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Interested in helping someone?

Like and share this may help someone suffering from ankle issues🙌

Joint by joint approach to the squat, today we look at ankle mobility.

So overall the dictator of the ankle joint is the talas bone.

Imagine the tibia and fibula as two headphones that sit outside the talas.

If the talas is not moving as it should in reference to the navicular the ankle and foot will not move as they should.

I'm order to maximise dorsiflexion you must maximise the ability of the talas and allow the foot move into pronation and supination.

Banded distraction can help but it may mask the issue if the issue lies the the inability of the forefoot (everywhere after the talas) to do the the apposing motion to the rear foot.

If the rear foot everts, the forefoot should invert, if the rear foot plantar flexes the forefoot should dorsiflex and if the rear foot adducts (internally rotates) the forefoot should abduct (externally rotate) and then vice versa. 
Knowledge is power but wisdom is priceless.

So you may have guessed it!

The first main step in our rehabilitation process introducing isometrics.


Well they are super easy to manipulate, you can vary lever length, increase time, add load and pretty much do anything. So it makes it easy to monitor progress and set goals.

Interestingly, the brain when it senses pain decreases signals from the nervous system that innervate the muscle to shorten and reduces its ability to maximally contract!

During an isometric, the brains signals differently, as desensitisation and adaption occurs, and in turn you can increase load tolerance in that area.

Funnily, research has shown max voluntary contraction during an isometric does not decrease with pain!

There are many forms of isometrics, mainly two used yielding and overcoming.

We would introduce bodyweight first, moving to loaded yielding which basically means moving through a range and stopping then holding and finally onto overcoming which is best defined as trying to move an unmovable object😁

Tune in next week where we run through our next step and some of the reasons why 😉

Bodyweighy iso's is the first step, weighted yielding is later in the process and further again is overcoming so don't miss out 🙌

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Do any of the above resonate with you?
When your dieting it's understandable to feel some hunger, that's normal. However, going around all day everyday feeling like you will eat the fridge is not sustainable and will cause you to binge eventually. Be sure your consuming enough food to help you maintain fullness and satiety.
Viewing food as good or bad can send you down a slippery slope and lead to a shitty relationship with food! Some foods are less nutritious, others are more nutritious. Some have higher calories with less volume, others have lower calories and more volume. The point we are making is no foods are good, bad or banned so be careful attaching labels the food and making the situation worse for yourself.
Demonising specific food groups and saying they are the devil seems to be the done thing lately. One day Carbs are getting it, then it's Fats and when all else fails let's blame the Sugar monster. Specific foods or a macro group do not make you fat, over-consumption of calories does. So don't be so quick to ban a specific macro or food. If you can't see yourself ever eating a Carb again, maybe re-think your approach. 
Other areas to consider are your emotional, physical and psychological needs. It's easy to point the finger and blame something/someone else. Instead we may be stressed, anxious, unhappy with how we look, suffering with an injury or dealing with being stuck in our homes. Not getting to the root of why you wolfed down the entire chocolate cake instead of one slice is like choosing to drive knowing your tire is flat. At some point you need to address the problem or it will continue to slow your progress. 
Are you struggling with any of the above? Leave a comment👇.
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Foot Mechanics and Stability


Babies have flat feet, Parker (my son) wants to be insta famous and you need to think outside the box to understand the godfather of all exercises 🤔

And yes I can squat below parallel 😂

Nail the squat and you'll be a better person #science

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Milestone vs Timeline

We here at PHP choose milestones over a timeline.

Here's why!

If you do not have an idea of where they should be, how do you know where they should go?

Segmenting stages down and having goals for each section of your plan creates buy in forrom clients.

This keeps them honest and shows them progression.

Everyone wants to be better last week so giving them a target kills that itch.

Every person is different and some will move through things faster than others but the goal for you as the therapist remains the same.

Step one of our approach to rehabilitation, creating the plan, the approach and the goals that needs to be achieved.

Can you guess what step two is?

Tune in next week to see😍

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Are you eating enough protein?
Above are just some of the benefits of consuming enough protein each day.
We recommend having a form of protein at each meal and spreading it throughout your day.
Unsure if your getting enough protein? DM and we will happily help.
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I'll try let the video do they talking, but the general consensus is understanding mechanics and anatomy are some of if not the most important aspects in assessing and fixes issues in the squat or a y movement in general. 
Tune in over the coming weeks to see our joint by joint to the squat.

I swear the baby is not a devious marketing ploy🤣

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