Put very simply we are a health and performance facility. So what makes us stand out from all the other gyms around?

Apart from the list of services provided below, we care. Any client who puts their trust in us to help them can rest assured knowing they will be provided with all the support necessary to succeed. From qualified coaches to a community of support, we hope to make your fitness journey one that you will enjoy and can sustain for life.


Attention to detail matters to us. Whether thats training, nutrition, prehab / rehab etc. we are very deliberate and precise in how we deliver our coaching methods to our members. Whether your a world class athlete or someone who hasn’t moved in 10 years, we will adjust for your needs and make sure we cover the smaller details that often get overlooked.

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This is our ultimate goal. Some people come from being completely sedentary so our goal is guiding them towards health. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some people chase peak performance but in return compromise their health. Therefore guiding them to peak performance but maintaining health is another goal of ours. This is why Health is at the forefront so people can understand achieving “HEALTH” is our ultimate goal while also catering for your individual goals.


Each of us are capable of performing to OUR personal best. Some think performance is for the select few and not for them. We want to banish that frame of thinking and show you that you too can perform at YOUR highest possible standard.

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A very welcoming and encouraging environment that will be sure to help you achieve your goals. We are very different than what you’d probably expect but that’s what keeps our members coming back every day. Instead of describing how good our facility is, why not drop in and check it out for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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We have a wide variety of serivces covering all your training needs.

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Personal Training

This is the 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 option we have available at our gym. This for those who prefer a small environment with a coach that has their best interests at heart and guides you to your goals.

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Online Coaching

This is your opportunity to work with our coaches outside the gym, we will complete a Skype call or similar in order to grasp your goals so we can develop a strategy to get you to your goals.

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Nutrition Coaching

This is where we get into the nitty gritty elements of performance and health. We devise the plan to suit your goals and guide you along the process, every program involves weekly check-ins with updates that follow.

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Physical Therapy

Dean Roche is our resident physiotherapist, no matter the issue big or small you can be sure you are in capable hands with Dean looking after you.

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Pay as you go

Exactly what it says on the tin, these are times you can use the gym and simply pay as you go. Handy for people who are on a busy schedule and can't make classes.

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Our Olympic weightlifting class handled by Danny. If you are interested in learning about lifts such as the snatch and clean and jerk, this is the class for you!

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So another movement Monday has landed, here is a super simple but effective stretch that implements an isometric contraction in order to decrease CNS activaty via muscle spindles which hinder your ability to lengthen muscle fibres.

With the set up aim to get the legs into the same position as a Bulgarian (rear foot elevated) split squat and then sit the hips back towards the bench.

When in this position try posterior tilt the pelvis so that the ASIS (hip) will roll backwards creating length (stretch) on the hip flexor (rectus femoris). Finally aim to contract or straighten the rear leg into the bench to create an isometric contraction which act as a PNF or MET style stretch using the muscle spindles to it's advantage.

Any question hit us up below 👇

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Environment Matters! 
So you get it calories are important, but really they are just one part of the puzzle. Your environment is another important factor you need to consider.
Have a listen to the short video and see if your environment is helping or impacting your progress.
Double tap if you feel your enviroment matters. Share your thoughts below👊.
Struggling to catch a snatch? Catch a jerk or even get your hands over your head?

Here's one of our top tips to open up your lats 🙌

Crop tops are optional 😉

#mobility #flexibility #therapy #coach #hack #health #fitness #gym
Being excessively restrictive can lead to:
⬇️ immune function and nutrient intake
⬇️ performance levels
⬇️ mood
⬇️ satiety at meals
This can then lead to:
⬆️ cravings / hunger
⬆️ stress
⬆️ fatigue
⬆️ potential digestion issues
The aim is to make our diet / nutrition sustainable long term.
How to achieve this is creating a caloric deficit large enough to make change, but low enough so it is sustainable.
Share your thoughts below. 
What other nutrition topics would you like to see covered?
Best of luck to our coach @deankelleher93 this weekend at the European Championships over seas. All of us here at PHP are with you 💯. If I was anyone competing I'd be scared👊

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Building on from our post yesterday, we are holding a weightlifting seminar the 7th of March!

Plan for the day;
10:30-12:30pm - Snatch, with common faults, fixes and lifting session. There will be mobility and activation exercises to iron out common mobility issues.

1:30-3:30pm - Clean & Jerk with common faults, fixes and lifting session. There will be mobility and activation exercises to iron out common mobility issues.

You can attend one or both sessions, if you are interested send us a DM. 
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So we all know someone who has a terrible front rack position, well it's more common than you think! Here are some simple assessments and hacks that can bring you from a front rack zero to a front rack hero💪.
On a side note we are hosting a lifting seminar the 7th of March. This will include the snatch and clean & jerk. Head weightlifting coach Danny will be taking the lifting while head coach Dean Roche will be delving into common mobility issues and fixes. 
For more details please DM us🙌.
The hidden mechanics in the squat, mechanics first, loading second and intensity third! 
#squats #mechanics #fit #fitness #health #performance #strength #strengthandconditioning
Best of luck to the stud @danny___81 competing this weekend in the National Senior Championships. 
Danny has put in outstanding work both inside and outside the gym to prepare for this competition and we have no doubt he will perform superbly  on the day. From the entire community here at PHP we wish you the best of luck this weekend Danny👊. _
The competition takes place in WIT Sports Hall, Cork Road Campus. Danny is expecting to lift at approx 11:30am on Saturday, so if you are available why not pop in and give him that extra bit of support🏋️‍♂️. _
Saturdays classes will still be running as normal also💪.
A follow up from our last post.

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